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  • Official Email: PerfectKickz18@gmail.com
    From PK Factory Only (Since 2008)
    Best quality cloths friendly link: NiceYes.net

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    • [2016-10-19] Review of Hermes Buckle Belt

      We only have one website and that is perfectkicks.me. Recently so many websites pretend to be our PK website and even use our Instagram pics.and name their website such like perfectkicks.** .  Today I got some complaints that some one emailed me and said our quality is not the same as pics, or he  got a very bad version . Then after I double checked , they ordered from othe...

    • [2016-09-21] Review of Hermes Buckle Belt

      Dear PK fans, thanks for your staying tuned, now great news for you! PK opens 7 days a week from now on, which means we are available for you from Monday to Sunday. We hope you will be more satisfied with our professionalism, it is great to have more time to communicate with you guys. We will keep on bringing you guys the best items! We will keep on optimizing our site, logis...

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