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  • From PK Factory Only (Since 2008)
    How much you know about PK ambitions and dream of making the real 1:1 Replica, Please dont order if you dont. We only sell them to PK fans and those who know about it. We are pround of all the praises and good comment from all the customer, Pk going strong and strong through all the negative criticism from the same line competitors
    We only have 2 Instagram accounts: @PerfectKicksNet and @PK_hello,
    We only have 1 website : PerfectKicks.me
    The rest are scammers. Pls pay attention.

    Rep will be forever rep unless you get the real materials. PK got the real machine for making the zebra stitching as perfect as retail pairs. We pay attention to every small details. Even the stitching we used original machine to make them.

    Use Coupon Code 'God' to get 30usd off in 40hours
    0 Day 0 H 0 Min 0 Sec

    PK boss Email: m18359031456@163.com